Yamaha Tmax Max

Complete Fairing Kit for YAMAHA TMAX 560 T-MAX / TECHMAX 2022-2024

Complete Fairing Kit for YAMAHA TMAX 560 T-MAX / TECHMAX 2022-2024
Complete Fairing Kit for YAMAHA TMAX 560 T-MAX / TECHMAX 2022-2024
Complete Fairing Kit for YAMAHA TMAX 560 T-MAX / TECHMAX 2022-2024

Complete Fairing Kit for YAMAHA TMAX 560 T-MAX / TECHMAX 2022-2024   Complete Fairing Kit for YAMAHA TMAX 560 T-MAX / TECHMAX 2022-2024
This part is compatible with the models and years of motorcycles mentioned in the title of the ad. New fairing kit in Injected ABS. Compatible with the models and years mentioned in the title. These photos are for illustration purposes, they give you an idea of a similar product once installed on the motorcycle, but may not be the item for Your motorcycle. To see the photos of the product you will receive, refer to the main photos of the ad!

The complete fairing kit we offer is. In stock in our warehouses in Toulouse (France).

Adaptable, with the same shapes and attachments as the original parts. Compatible without modification to the models and years specified in the title.

The same color as the one in the main photo of the ad. We offer some colors similar to some OEM colors.

However, we do not guarantee that the color is 100% identical, the shades may differ. Refer to the main photos of the ad. Delivered as shown in the main photo of the ad. These fairings are adaptable original type models.

The attachment holes are placed like those of the original, however, since the ABS used is a bit more rigid than the original models, it may require a bit more delicacy and patience to install them. In some cases, it will be necessary to use all the parts of the kit, without mixing between the parts of our kit and those of the original. But do not worry, once installed, you will get the expected result!

The Stickers (including AVDB) are varnished. Do not forget to install the heat shields (provided) in sensitive areas!

The following text is common to all the complete fairings that we offer for sale, especially regarding the content of the kit described below. The main photos of the ad are representative of the kit you will receive. If in doubt about the content, or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us before your purchase.

In general, the kit consists of Check the photos of the ad to make sure, or contact us before purchase if necessary! Right panel and left panel. Some models also include the rear mud guard and/or the windshield and/or the seat cover. If in doubt, contact us.

The kit is sold complete. We cannot separate a complete painted kit, but know that we sell retail many models of front fairings, rear shells, etc. In unpainted raw or in black. The purchase of a complete fairing kit is, we know, a purchase that is not trivial and that represents a certain budget.

It is therefore normal for you to have a number of questions, especially why buy from AVDB rather than elsewhere, given the number of offers available on the internet. To answer you clearly and simply, here is the answer on the points that we consider essential in your thinking.

We have been selling fairing kits since 2013, and have sold several thousand kits. This is to underline, in all transparency, that our expertise is real, and that our credibility is indeed based on the know-how that years of experience have taught us. But we also do not want to promise you the moon by telling you that the kit will be perfect and even better than the original, no one can. What we want to tell you is that we are not lying when we say that we are committed to providing you with. A fairing kit designed from good quality ABS plastic, which allows the finished piece a certain flexibility and long-term resistance. A manufacturing in injected ABS plastic, from an injection mold that does not date back to the Civil War you will not receive a molded ABS kit, with fixings roughly and approximately glued after the creation of the piece. No, the fixings are well integrated into the main part for better strength, and in the right places. An adaptation in line with original plastic kits at 97%, for installation without modification (which the injection molding process guarantees). Fixings that do not break at the first assembly (provided, as is the case for the original part, you know how to assemble it correctly). A paint job done exclusively by partners selected by us and carefully chosen, filtered by the quality of their work. More than our sales pitch, what really guarantees it to you will undoubtedly be the hundreds of feedback from bikers who trusted us, through words and photos shared on social networks, especially on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The fairing kits displayed in stock on our site are actually in stock at our warehouse in Toulouse. We have more than 100 different fairing models, for a minimum stock of 800 kits, carefully stored in a heated and ventilated room to avoid any deterioration. The kits are already painted and available in our warehouses, so no waiting time for painting, the kit we offer is truly ready to be sent to you!

We send the kit from France, so no customs or VAT fees to pay the courier upon receipt. The price displayed is indeed the final price, no trickery! We send the kit within 48 hours after receiving your order (just the time needed to check and properly package each piece of the kit). If you are passing through the region and want to come see it in the store, it is possible. Just give us a call to let us know you are coming so we can have it ready for you!

Inspection and preparation before shipping. Each kit, before being shipped, is systematically checked by the shipping department.

This means that we carry out. A check of the contents, so that you do not miss anything upon receipt. A check of the condition of the plastic, to ensure that a piece has not been damaged during its transport to our warehouses. A check of the quality of the paint.

Let's be honest, it's not robots painting the kits, but indeed humans, who can make mistakes. If this were to happen, then our team will contact you within 48 hours of your purchase, and send you photos of the defects found, so that we can find, amicably, a simple and quick solution that satisfies you.

If you are one of those who want to avoid online scams, surprises, and disappointments, and you prioritize the guarantee of receiving a quality, compliant, and adapted fairing, having a real S. To whom to turn "in case", while having the possibility to group the purchase of your various accessories in a single store, in short, the guarantee of being a satisfied motorcyclist: Welcome to AVDB.

OUR GUARANTEES: SATISFIED OR SATISFIED! Product in stock in France. Parcel sent with tracking within 24 working hours. A quality product in accordance with the description. AVDB Moto is a French company and brand, created and based since 2011 in the south of France, where life is good, where it is good to ride. Over the years, we have specialized exclusively in motorcycle accessories. Our catalog has expanded considerably and continues to evolve over time, with several tens of thousands of references carefully stored in over 2000m² of warehouses located a few meters from our store and offices. Having a catalog rich in several thousand references is good, but for AVDB, it is not enough. It is essential for us to have them available in Stock. We therefore only sell products that we can deliver to you without delay. When you order from our store, we ship your parcel within 24 hours.

And if there were to be a stock error, then we will do everything, within 24 hours as well, to find together The solution that suits you. The seriousness and helpfulness that we show daily in our store have contributed to building a lasting and trusting relationship with the bikers in our region.

We apply this same passion and philosophy with all customers with whom we only communicate by phone or behind a screen. We make every effort to continue to fully satisfy our customers, this involves. Do you have a doubt or a question about the part? The advantage of having it in stock and at hand allows us to check it live and answer you. AVDB is a French company, but also a European company.

Our ambition is to serve the biker wherever he is, and in the best possible way. For this, we have within our team, an international department offering you, in addition to French, the possibility to exchange in English, Italian, German, and Spanish. What better way to communicate and understand each other! In case of a problem?

At AVDB, you benefit from a available, competent, and personalized service. If upon receipt of the product, it does not meet your expectations, we can find an amicable solution if you wish, and of course the return and refund will never be problematic. And if the product is defective in the months following its acquisition, know that it is subject to a warranty that we will not try to avoid. Beyond a sale, you can count on the full availability and the same commitment of our AVDB team to serve you and make you a satisfied biker.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about your benefits! AVDB MOTO - 7 RUE GUSTAVE EIFFEL 31140 AUCAMVILLE - FRANCE Monday to Saturday, from 10 a. To follow us, exchange, and get to know us even better, we are also present on. In accordance with the legislation on extended producer responsibility and Article L. 541-10-13 of the Environmental Code, AVDB MOTO has, for the products it distributes, a unique identifier to ensure compliance with its obligations: Household packaging - CITEO - IDU: FR314634_01JJDL Household packaging - LIZENZERO - LUCID: DE2597756035494.
Complete Fairing Kit for YAMAHA TMAX 560 T-MAX / TECHMAX 2022-2024   Complete Fairing Kit for YAMAHA TMAX 560 T-MAX / TECHMAX 2022-2024