Yamaha Tmax Max

Lithium Battery Magneti Marelli Ytz12s Xp Yamaha T-max 530 Sx Abs 2017-2018

Lithium Battery Magneti Marelli Ytz12s Xp Yamaha T-max 530 Sx Abs 2017-2018

Lithium Battery Magneti Marelli Ytz12s Xp Yamaha T-max 530 Sx Abs 2017-2018    Lithium Battery Magneti Marelli Ytz12s Xp Yamaha T-max 530 Sx Abs 2017-2018

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Lithium-ion battery technology 4mm Magneti Marelli 12v 60Wh lithium polymer. Lithium ion battery 4 mm 12v 60Wh Magneti Marelli lithium polymer technology po4 life. Peso: 0.9 kg cue: cca 290 amperage: max 22 ah voltage: 12v dimensioni: 150 x 87 x 93 mm positive: sx (left) equivalent: ytz12s / ttz12s / YTZ14S / ttz14s / ytz12s-bs-YTZ14S-bs. The special construction method of lithium battery allows for a ratio excellent volume / performance, resulting in extremely compact dimensions and versatility.

To facilitate installation of the battery without touching the electrical wiring or adequate housing and solve problems, are equipped with modular special spacers to reach the size of the standard battery replaced. This allows dexcellentes performance, light weight and easy installation avoiding the implementation and approximate solutions. Lithium magneti marelli guarantee a lot of versatility for custom applications that run and can be recharged with the charger more common. Advantages of lithium batteries for motorcycles.

Lithium-ion batteries longer-lighter-rapid-charging life does not pollute. Volume and less weight about 1/3 normal lead batteries. No pollution and dacides do not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury. No spills of fluids inside the casing, it is acidic. Against overvoltage maximum flow of denclenchement higher current starter. Rechargeable fast charge with 10 c and 90% rechargeable in minutes. Long battery withstands more than 2,000 standard charging cycles in INDD (lead batteries 150-300 cycles). Long interview in stock over a year (lead dacide battery 6 months).

Energy savings stable discharge voltage and low internal resistance. Main applications (it is recommended to check the equivalent symbol). C sport (k18) 600 R 1200 gs (k50). Adventure r 1200 gs (K255).

Force nss abs (MF10) 250. NSS former strength (MF08) 250. NSS strength s (MF10) 250. NSS 250 x Forza (MF08). Sh 300 abs (nf0231 / nf02d).

Fjs silver wing 400 silver wing Fjs 400 t. Fjs 600 silver wing (pf01a). Fjs 600 silver wing abs (pf01b). Fjs 600 silver wing sw-t (pf01c).

Xl 650 v transalp (RD10 / RD11). Nc nc dc integra 700 700 700 s abs. Nc 700 s abs dct 700. Nc 700 x 700 abs. Nc 700 x abs dct. Vfr x cross runner 800. Vtr 1000 firestorm f (SC36). Vtr sp1 sp2 vtr 1000 RC51 (SC45).

Cbr 1100 xx SUPERBLACKBIRD (SC35). Nt 650 v deauville (RC47).

Nt 700 deauville abs v. XL 700 V Transalp abs. DC incorporates his abs (rc70b / rc88a) 750. N dct sd abs (rc70c / rc88b) 750. N x abs (rc72b / rc90a) 750. N xd dct abs (rc72c) 750. N xd dct abs ( rc90b) 750. Nj NM4 mvultus (rc82) 750.

Spirit vt 750 c2 shadow (rc53a). Vt 750 c2b black spirit (rc53c). Vt 750 shadow spirit (rc53u) c2f. Vt 750 shadow spirit c2s abs (rc53b).

Vt 750 shadow ac abs (RC50). Vt 750 shadow csa abs (rc50c). Vt dc1 / dc2 black widow (RC48) 750. S (rc58a) of vt 750. Twin dAfrique the crf 1000. Crf the Africa Twin dct 1000. Cb in ac / ad 1100 abs. Vfr 1200 f ac dct d. Vfr xdc Crosstourer 1200 dct. Cb four great abs (SC54) 1300 Cb 1300 Super Four (SC54) f.

His abs fairing cb (SC54) 1300 Cb 1300 Super Four (SC54). St 1300 Pan european abs / (SC51). Zzr / zzr 1400 abs (A6F> DFA). Adventure LC8 Adventure 950 s.

LC8 950 Super Enduro R. Adventure Adventure r r abs abs 1090. Super Adventure great abs abs adventure r 1290. Super Adventure s abs 1290.

Great Adventure t Xp of 1290. T-max 530 dx abs (sj145). XP and 530 abs t-max (sj141). T-Max 530 xp (sj091 / sj098 / sj099). Xp 530 sx t-max abs (sj142).

Xtz super tenere (dp011 / 041/046) (5.5 c / 2bs / 2) 1200. Xv / abs (vn032) (1xc1 / 1cx3) 950. Xv, r (vn036) (2dx7 / 2dxl / 2dxm) 950. XVS 950 midnight star (vn021) (26p). Fz1-s fazer / Fazer 1000 abs. Vmx v-max (standard rp211) 1700. Payment must be made within 4 business days after the conclusion of purchase. 5.00 eur borrozzinomoto undertakes to respect the rules on distance selling.

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Codice original ricambio ow / oem. Corrente di Spunto a / in. 150 x 87 x 93mm.

The item \electrical parts, ignition \ batteries. \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Type: lithium <\/ li>
  2. starting current a / fr: cca 290 <\/ li>
  3. brand: magneti marelli <\/ li>
  4. inner diameter: 150 x 87 x 93mm <\/ li>
  5. Original spare code ow / oem: no yuasa <\/ li>
  6. Part Number Manufacturer: mm ion-4 dmlit4 <\/ li>
  7. Positive polo left sx <\/ li>
  8. Weight: 0.9 kg <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Lithium Battery Magneti Marelli Ytz12s Xp Yamaha T-max 530 Sx Abs 2017-2018    Lithium Battery Magneti Marelli Ytz12s Xp Yamaha T-max 530 Sx Abs 2017-2018