Yamaha Tmax Max

Wheel Passage Ermax Yamaha T-max Tmax 530 2012 /2015 Color Choice

Wheel Passage Ermax Yamaha T-max Tmax 530 2012 /2015 Color Choice

Wheel Passage Ermax Yamaha T-max Tmax 530 2012 /2015 Color Choice   Wheel Passage Ermax Yamaha T-max Tmax 530 2012 /2015 Color Choice
Given the specificity of this article in color version, it will not be taken back or exchanged! The color of the model of the photo is not always that of the article, inquire before the purchase!! Ermax wheel passage for tmax 530 2012/2016 this ermax wheel passage radically changes the back of your 2012/2016 530 tmax by dressing and dyeing the seat underside. It removes the rear bib and reassembles the dim-circulation plate on the metal support provided. Plate lighting is built into the wheel passage. The installation of this accessory does not require cutting and therefore allows to reassemble your scooter in the original configuration. Product available in the original colors yamaha, in black or carbon look raw. Comes with: 2 screw bhc '6x15 large black head 4 threaded staples '5 4 brake nuts ' 5 4 screw bhc '5x20 big black head 4 washers steel '5 type m 1 metal support sup09 4 screw bhc '5x10 small head 6 rubber washers - 6 1 support catadioptre sdc02 sup09 aluminum plate holder (included) black sdc03 black aluminum catadioptre support (included) edp01 plate lighting (a embedder) 5 led 180 e4.

770294110 satin grey (sonic grey/mdnm1) 770218110 2012 brilliant black (midnight black/smx) 77020110 gross 770212110 white (bwc1) 770282110 look carbon silver 770269110 2013 black metal (solar black/smm) 770279110 2013 black shiny black black (power black) 770273110 2013 black matte blackmax (mbl2) 770227110 2014 grey anthracite (tech graphite/dnmn) 7 70290110 2014 bronze (bronze phoenix) 770299110 2015 grey (moon silver) 770258110 2015 black (liquid darkness/iron max). Compatibility of models as an indication!

Yamaha t-max 530 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016. Recall of Article 27 of the cgv: warranty electrical parts. Electrical parts coil, stator, regulator, cdi, electric box...

Are guaranteed only when assembled by a professional of the motorcycle. It is therefore necessary to provide an assembly invoice from a professional motorcycle. Be careful to choose well, the delivery method with pay. Economic letter 3-5 days without follow-ups!! We offer for some small items, mailings in bubble wraps posted in letter.

This mode of sending is very economical but does not ensure. No time frame guaranteed, no follow-up. Please take note of this and do not hesitate, for 1 or 2 euros more, to choose a mailing in follow-up letter followed , relay point or. The processing times of your order can vary 4 to 15 business days, contact us before the purchase!! thousands more coins with misterbike-en.

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Wheel Passage Ermax Yamaha T-max Tmax 530 2012 /2015 Color Choice   Wheel Passage Ermax Yamaha T-max Tmax 530 2012 /2015 Color Choice