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Pack Vilange Filter Oil Ipone Full Power Katana 10w40 Yamaha T-max 530 12-16

Pack Vilange Filter Oil Ipone Full Power Katana 10w40 Yamaha T-max 530 12-16
Pack Vilange Filter Oil Ipone Full Power Katana 10w40 Yamaha T-max 530 12-16

Pack Vilange Filter Oil Ipone Full Power Katana 10w40 Yamaha T-max 530 12-16    Pack Vilange Filter Oil Ipone Full Power Katana 10w40 Yamaha T-max 530 12-16
Package review premium oil filters. Air filter left crankcase hfa4509. Air filter right crankcase hfa4510.

2 candles: bosch ur2cc / ngk cr7e. 3 liters of engine oils ipone katana full power 10w40. Oil ipone katana full power 10w40. 100% synthesis jaso ma2 api sn - capacity: 3l.

High-end lubricant developed for all motorcycles used daily under demanding conditions. Formulated with an extreme pressure agent, it perfectly lubricates the gearbox and clutch. The grade sae 10w40 corresponds to the technical characteristics of modern hydraulic pusher motorcycles... 100% synthetic, it offers very good shear resistance and supports extreme conditions of use. "Speed and easy" innovation allows a smoother and faster speed shift and smoother speed climbs.

Quality essential parts contributing to the durability of the engines, hiflofiltro filters are recognized for the choice of materials used and the assembly quality of the filter elements. The filters are made of paper pulp, fibres and resins, which are treated to obtain the thickness and density ideal to provide optimal filtration. Engine vacuum: every 6,000 km. Oil filter: every 12,000 km.

Air filter: clean every 6,000 km replace if necessary. Candles: replace every 6,000 km.

Carburation: every 6,000 km. Game valves: every 12,000 km. Brake fluid: every 2 years.

Maintain a motorcycle air filter. Rolling with a cracked filter is like running with the blocked nose... The air filter plays for a lot in the health, consumption and "breath" of your bike. It prevents impurities from entering your engine, while having the mission to offer the best air flow the cleaner it is, the more efficient it is.

Life of an air filter. The lifespan of a motorcycle air filter may vary from simple to double depending on whether it is properly maintained or not is not the same for a foam or paper air filter, but in both cases your engine will only be better off. Clean air filters with paper or foam.

Clean a paper air filter. For paper air filters dry cleaning is recommended. So start by gently pulling the folds out of the cardboard and vacuuming it to remove the big one. Continue with a brush but not too hard so as not to damage the structure of the paper. If you have a compressor, a good air jet associated with the brush will be even more effective. (orientation of the air jet from the inside to the outside of the filter, so as to remove impurities and not incruster them) (and vice versa, of course, when you aspirate).

Important: paper filters should not be coated with oil because they work dry, and this would only clog them a little more. Clean a foam air filter.

For foam air filters, avoid white spirit and gasoline that degrade alveoles. Clean it twice with liquid dishes in warm water and rinse the good each time.

To grow it, press it but do not twist it (always in order to preserve the foam). When it is dry, naturally, no dryer or radiator! Put it in a plastic bag with filtration oil and mix it. Then when it is well undisturbed and drained, put fat back on the surface of contact with the air box, and place it back. (In use cross/enduro, count a replacement every eight to ten washes).

The average lifespan of an air floret varies depending on its nature, use and maintenance. For a paper air filter we range from 5,000 to 12,000 km depending on use. For a foam air filter (on-road motorbikes) we go up to 45/50.000. Contrary to popular ideas, driving in the city does not save the air filter.

He sanitizes much more in polluted environments than in the countryside. Of course, in use cross or enduro, it's still something else. There it is absolutely advisable to wash it after each exit.

The life of a motorcycle air filter can vary from simple to double. Depending on whether it is well maintained or not. To see if your air filter is still usable. Put it in full light and see if you see the day passing through.

If you don't, clean it up. If you still don't see the light passing through you have to change it. Finally, if you really have a doubt about his condition, say that given the importance of the air filter, it's really worth changing a little too soon, rather than a little too late.. the replacement of the air filter. The replacement of a motorcycle air filter doesn't make too many mysteries.

In most cases the filter is located in an air box, which is usually located behind the carburettors, under the tank or under the saddle. When disassembly / reassembly, you can take advantage of it to wipe and suck out impurities that would have been deposited in the air box itself, and to purge it by opening the tip of the small pipe that sometimes comes out down. Make sure the new filter is leakproof.

On the one hand, by placing it back well during the winding, and, when it is a cross filter, by putting fat back well on the contact surface in order to prevent dust and other impurities from slipping into the engine by passing under the air filter. Do not use gasoline or white spirit. Never replace a damp filter (may send water into the engine).

Do not twist a foam filter to spin it (press it only). Do not put oil on a paper filter (only on foam and kn filters).

Think about throwing the remains of oil in a can and then in the garbage shop or garage. Rather than in the water system. Reminder of article 27 of the cgv: electrical parts warranty. The electric parts coil, stator, regulator, cdi, electric case... Are guaranteed only in case of mounting by a professional motorcycle. Therefore, a mounting invoice from a motorcycle professional must be provided. Be careful to choose, the method of delivery with pay. Economic letter 3-5 days without follow-up!! For some small items, we offer bubble envelopes in letter-paid form.

This method of sending is very economical but does not ensure. There is no guaranteed deadline or follow-up. Please take note of this and do not hesitate, for 1 or 2 more euros, to choose a follow-up letter followed, relay point or. The processing times of your order may vary from 4 to 15 working days, contact us before purchasing!! other thousands of pieces with misterbike-en.

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Pack Vilange Filter Oil Ipone Full Power Katana 10w40 Yamaha T-max 530 12-16    Pack Vilange Filter Oil Ipone Full Power Katana 10w40 Yamaha T-max 530 12-16