Yamaha Tmax Max

Double Cylindre Power Cam Malossi Yamaha T-max Tmax 500

Double Cylindre Power Cam Malossi Yamaha T-max Tmax 500

Double Cylindre Power Cam Malossi Yamaha T-max Tmax 500   Double Cylindre Power Cam Malossi Yamaha T-max Tmax 500

Operation launch of the new neonatal malossi. Double cylinder 4-stroke - 70,560 cc aluminum water.

Only for vehicles with hydraulic chain tendor. Malossi is happy to present the \"super t-max\", a complete and absolutely made in italy revisitation of yamaha's most famous maxiscooter!

Maximum power at 7800 rpm. Monolythic cylinder split in special aluminum-silicon-copper alloy, enhanced and stabilized. Cermetal shirt (ni-ca-sil) worked with extreme precision on the latest generation cnc.

Pistons forged at 70, axis 15 with 3 segments, special alloy of aluminum (copper-silicon), enhanced, sky profiled with valve prints, racing design, reinforced and lightened at constant thickness. (3) decomposed in chrome steel with spring. Power increase by more than 15%. Fully planned and produced in our calderara di reno establishments. Followed by each phase of implementation, from project to production, by Malossi technicians like all products that bear the Malossi brand.

The dry and clean 2-cylinder monoblock created by yamaha has been customized by malossi in depth by developments that have allowed an increase in the drilling without compromising the mechanical and thermal balance of the origin. Very particular was the realization of the pistons, forged in a special alloy and studied in order to withstand the stress of long-distance use. Nothing was left to chance, from the joints to the super attached steel bi-conical piston axis and the elastic segment of chrome and nitruded steel. Each element is a valuable contribution to make this thermal group truly exclusive: a product for a refined and competent clientele!

The cam shaft is the most important part of the 4-stroke engine at the distribution level. Cam trees are responsible for the management of the opening and closing of the intake valves for the supply of the combustion chamber as well as the opening and closing of the exhaust valves for the evacuation of burnt gases. The double power cam malossi have been developed to achieve an optimal and progressive power increase if they are mounted with high compression malossi pistons for the original cylinder or exponentially if they are mounted to the 560cc malossi twin-cylinder. Malossi has thought of both carburetor and injection vehicles: each model, first or second series, can boast, in fact, a significant power gain if they are mounted with double power cam malossi.

The double power cam malossi is the result of a long and meticulous project in our test room. The industrial production process has scrupulously followed the specifications imposed by the technical department.

From the choice of materials to the use of state-of-the-art highly accurate cnc, to thermochemical treatments and finally, to the testing of adjustments and assemblies. A company, always, at the service of high quality. Cam tree controlling the exhaust valves. Cam tree commanding intake valves. Super-slied, cemented, soaked, nitruded and rectified steel with recalculated, increased and reprofiled lobes.

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Double Cylindre Power Cam Malossi Yamaha T-max Tmax 500   Double Cylindre Power Cam Malossi Yamaha T-max Tmax 500