Yamaha Tmax Max

Variant Malossi Multivar Mhr Yamaha T-max Tmax 500 2004-2011

Variant Malossi Multivar Mhr Yamaha T-max Tmax 500 2004-2011

Variant Malossi Multivar Mhr Yamaha T-max Tmax 500 2004-2011   Variant Malossi Multivar Mhr Yamaha T-max Tmax 500 2004-2011
Multivar variant 2000 mhr next racing. Brand: malossi; range: racing; 5114855.

Set of 8 pebbles htroll ø 25x14.9 gr. Set of 2 rings ø 35x25x0,5. Moth (ø 35x25x72.3 mm) for multivar 2000 dimmer. 4 sliders for multivar 2000.

Mobile demopoulie for multivar 2000. Tubes of 7.1 mhr grease - lubricating grease gr. The Malossi team worked to further improve a "must" product, a real benchmark for all "t-maxists": the mythical multivar mhr for Yamaha t-max! In order to renew the transmission system as well as to exploit the exceptional technical characteristics, the dimmer has been perfected: therefore it was born the multivar mhr next. This new variable is the evolution of previous generations, born from the multi-year experience acquired on the circuits and the cam technology now available, and it allows to achieve performances at the highest levels. The currency curve shows that the technicians' work was concentrated on the later expansion of the range of operation of the variable, in particular the short speed, by gaining even more acceleration and recovery as well as improving the exchange linearity, keeping almost unchanged the engine speed throughout the phase the change of the variable. We did better: we later reduced the tolerances between the hub and the socket and we reduced the roughness to a minimum to get a really incomparable variator! Later enlarged exchange rate range (especially short speed). Improved currency linearity throughout the phase. Hard anodized treatment in black color. Roller excursion ramp modified to allow better linear operation to keep the engine speed at maximum power. Sliding socket in rectified cemented steel. Rectified chrome-plated cemented steel core. New monolytic rollers made of even more efficient materials.

Provided with two different series of pebbles and two holds to change the speed of your vehicle's currency curve by adjusting to perfect speed and acceleration. Nb: for later better performance we recommend to mount even the new belt x k belt mhr ref. With a dimmer with such advanced technical characteristics, don't be surprised if your scooter becomes sharper, if the speed change is smoother, and you notice a greater mechanical "quietness" at high speeds and an unknown performance consistency in the basic version. Dekra certification gmbh has certified that malossi, in the production of complete dimmer kits cvt, has introduced and effectively applied a quality management system conforming to the standards required by the Law on Road Traffic of Germany and International (kba).

Yamaha t max 500 ie 4t lc 2004->2007. Yamaha t max 500 ie 4t lc 2008->2011.

Call for article 27 of the cgv: electrical parts warranty. The electric parts coil, stator, regulator, cdi, electric case... Are guaranteed only in case of mounting by a professional motorcycle. Therefore, a mounting invoice from a motorcycle professional must be provided. Be careful to choose, the method of delivery with pay. Economic letter 3-5 days without follow-up!! For some small items, we offer bubble envelopes in letter-paid form. This method of sending is very economical but does not ensure.

There is no guaranteed deadline or follow-up. Please take note of this and do not hesitate, for 1 or 2 more euros, to choose a follow-up letter followed, relay point or. The processing times of your order may vary from 4 to 15 working days, contact us before purchasing!! other thousands of pieces with misterbike-en.

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    Manufacturer part number: 5114855 Mark: malossi

Variant Malossi Multivar Mhr Yamaha T-max Tmax 500 2004-2011   Variant Malossi Multivar Mhr Yamaha T-max Tmax 500 2004-2011